A National Socialistic Call (Aryan Terrorism)

It is sunny day around
Heavy boots march on the grounds
Pack of wolves, an Aryan hounds
Where you fucking niggers are!?!

The smell of monkeys makes me spit
Beat beat beat them fucking beat
The planet can’t stand motherfucker’s feet
They must eat their own stinky shit

Shoot the niggers
Shoot them fucking all
A National Socialistic Call
Pull the trigger
Shoot subhuman all
A New Order for a New World
White Power!

The sunny days for nigger left behind
We cant feel free of fucking black skin swines
One must stop subhuman crimes
Do it now for we don’t have a time
The coloured bastards rape our girls
Subhuman sells our children drugs
They are in the government – it fucking sucks!
It’s time to go on, waste no words!

(Gracias, Javi, por tanta poesía junta)

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º·.Such a little raven.·º dijo...

white power! slain the niggas shall be!

larga vida a aryan terrorism (y a la causa)